Jeb: ‘I Want to Be the Guy to Beat’

On Tuesday’s “Your World” on the Fox News Channel, former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) touted his potential candidacy in an interview with host Neil Cavuto from Orlando, FL.

“Well, if I’m a candidate, I want to be the guy to beat,” he explained. “I’m not a candidate yet. It will be a competitive field. There are a lot of really good people running. I think my record of accomplishment as governor of Florida is one that I can take to Republican voters and, if I’m successful there, to a larger audience … I’ve a decision I’m going to make in relatively short order. If I go forward, I won’t be the last in. I certainly won’t be the first in, but I won’t be the last in. I will use my brother, my sister, every relative, every person I can. I think a campaign that’s winning is inclusive, for sure. And I love my brother. That’s a shock for people.”

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