Olbermann Rips NFL’s Goodell: Worst Executive Now FIFA’s Blatter Stepped Down

On Wednesday’s “Olbermann” on ESPN2, host Keith Olbermann congratulated NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for now being the worst executive now that FIFA President Sepp Blatter has stepped down from his position.

This is not Olbermann’s first time to bash the NFL or its commissioner. In March, he blasted the NFL over a marketing gaffe and in May he ripped the NFL for the treatment of Tom Brady during Deflate-Gate. Today, he brought up past issues that have happened under Goodell’s reign as commissioner, ranging from domestic violence to a power outage during Super Bowl XLVII.

“He was far tougher on Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon for substance abuse than Jim Irsay. He went through Ray Rice and Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy last year but did not stop anyone from drafting Jameis Winston this year. 14 NFL teams have been paid by the U.S. military to pretend they were spontaneously honoring service men and military vets at games.”

Olbermann added, “He has been the commissioner in the Adrian Peterson scandal, during Deflate-Gate, during Aaron Hernandez, the power outage of the Super Bowl game, the point after rules when nobody knows when it is a catch and when it is not a catch and the point after rule could be solved by the invoking of the action point. Roger, you did all that? What a guy.”

“Some can accuse me of being tough on Roger Goodell,” he continued. “You might very well think so. I can’t possibly comment. I will say this much for him, he’s… I’m thinking… No… I got it! I will say this much for Roger Goodell, there is absolutely no evidence that he is a cannibal.”

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