Scarborough: If US Allows UN Vote on Palestinian Statehood, That Is ‘Hostile’ Toward Israel

On Wednesday “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, co-host Joe Scarborough debate his counterpart Mika Brzezinski on the authenticity of President Barack Obama’s remarks to Israel’s Channel 2 television program Uvda regarding his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Scarborough said it was likely that Israelis were less concerned about this perception of U.S.-Israel relationship and more concerned about threats to their nation, including a nuclear-armed Iran.

However, also pointed out during the interview were remarks from Obama suggesting his administration may allow a vote on Palestinian statehood in the United Nations, which according to Scarborough would not be viewed favorably by the Israelis.

“Well, I tell you what, if the president allows a vote on the United Nations on statehood for the Palestinian people, then that is declared as hostile an act, diplomatic act against Israel as it could be because the United Nations has been a hotbed of something rivaling on anti-Semitism from across the globe, well since 1948.”

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