US Chamber CEO Vows TPA/TPP Passage: ‘We Are Going to Get It’

In an appearance on Fox Business Network’s “Coast to Coast” on Friday, U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue dismissed critics of the so-called fast-track Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which is being promoted by some congressional Republican leaders and President Barack Obama.

Those critics warn the legislation, which is being kept under secret, warn it could put the United States at a disadvantage on trade and could alter U.S. immigration policy.

Despite those objections, Donohue told host Neil Cavuto he anticipates its passage.

“We are going to get it,” he said. “Everybody said, ‘Oh we’re never going to get it out of the Senate.’ We had some obstructions put in the way by some of the groups that don’t want to see this bill pass because then we’ll get the trade agreements which are fundamental to the economic well-being of this country.”

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