GOP Uses Weekly Address to Promote ‘Obamatrade’

In this week’s GOP address, Rep. Pat Tiberi (R_OH) promoted the controversial Trade Promotion Authority, which he argued will lead to better trade agreements because, presently, President Barack Obama can negotiate secretly, more jobs and higher pay for workers in America.

“The problem is, the way things work right now, President Obama can negotiate trade agreements on his own and in secret.  He doesn’t have to keep you or me informed.  It just doesn’t make sense.  And it’s certainly not fair to American workers.  Why would we allow a system to continue where there’s no transparency or accountability for the president?”

“If we pass TPA, we’ll be able to make agreements that give us access to one billion new customers,” he added. “And our workers will be able to compete for that business on a level playing field, where we know we can outwork anyone.”

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