Ann Coulter Warns Americans May Have to ‘Flee’ to Canada

Friday on the “Free Speech” podcast with host Gavin McInnes, conservative author of “Adios, America!” Ann Coulter  said Americans might need to flee the country in the future due to immigration.

Coulter said, “The crazy diversity only started in 1970. Which again would be fine if there were fewer of them coming probably from less wildly diverse cultures, not the world’s poorest of the poor, and if we still assimilated them. That’s why I say we have to have a total moratorium. Shut down all of the pro-immigration, anti-American groups. Shut down the entire immigration bureaucracy. We’ll get our files in order, we’ll assimilate the ones already here, and then we’ll start it up again and get more Brits and Dutch.”

A Canadian immigrant, McInnes said, “When you say we’ll assimilate, the ones that you mean are the Canadian immigrant who came here in ’99. You wouldn’t want him to have to go back, right? If he brought a lot of jobs and he’s a super nice guy.”

Coulter said, “Yeah, I think we’ll keep him. It’s crazy how hard it is for Canadians to immigrate!”

McInnes said, “It took me 10 years and $10,000, and I brought at least 12 jobs, one day one which blossomed into dozens more.”

“Obviously you know a lot of comedy writers and comedians are Canadians,” she replied. “I can’t believe what they have to go through!”

McInnes said, “Why is there a border there? Let’s just knock that down.”

Coulter replied,  “Well no, I think we’re going to want to keep it there, because if this book doesn’t work, that’s where we’re all going to have to flee to.”

McInnes said,  “We will be the new draft dodgers.”

Coulter continued, “It’ll take Latin America another century to make it up to that border. So we want to keep that border very strong.”

McInnes concluded,  “They don’t like the cold.”

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