Father Pfleger Booed, Jeered Pro-Gun Protesters

Thursday in Tinley Park, IL at St. George Church, controversial long-time Obama ally Chicago Saint Sabina Pastor Father Michael Pfleger was booed and jeered by protesters at his latest anti-gun speech.

The Illinois State Rifle Association had urged members to attend so they could make their protest against Pfleger’s positions heard.

The pastor of St. George continually tried to quiet the crowd as Pfleger said, “They want to call me a gun grabber. They want to call me anti-Second Amendment. I am neither a gun grabber nor am I anti-Second Amendment. I want people who own guns to be held responsible for the guns that they own.”

He added, “This is an American problem and America must address it. If we care about what’s going on overseas, we better care about what’s going on in the streets of America.”

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