GOP Weekly Address: Provide More Funding for Troops

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) spoke in this week’s GOP weekly address about the importance of a defense bill that will provide funding for troops and their families.

Blunt stated that the top priority of the government is to defend the country, while President Barack Obama and other Senate Democrat leaders say they will oppose the bill unless Congress decides to increase spending in other areas such as the IRS and EPA, even calling it “a waste of time.”

“When we think about priorities, the number one priority for the federal government is to defend the country and that debate deserves the complete attention of the Congress. The leader of Senate Democrats recently said debating the defense bill is a ‘waste of time.’ Providing for America’s active-duty military service members and the security of our nation is never a ‘waste of time.’

“And the president threatened to veto the defense bill unless Congress provides more funding for all sorts of other agencies, like the IRS and the EPA,” he continued. “We can spend all the time we want talking about other priorities and all the other things we should be doing, but almost every American and an overwhelming number of Missourians, agree with me: the most important role of the federal government is to do the one thing we sure can’t do by ourselves – defend our country.”

Blunt later added, “We live in a challenging time where threats are numerous and the landscape is continually changing.  It is a moral imperative to provide for our national defense and for the service members, veterans, and their families that protect and secure our freedoms.”

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