Sharpton: Dolezal’s Parents Should ‘Be the Adults Here’

MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton said the parents of Spokane NAACP head Rachel Dolezal should “be the adults here” in an interview with TMZ released on Saturday.

Sharpton stated, “I think that, one, it’s not about her race. There are whites in all of our organizations, and there are whites in the Civil Rights movement. I think the question they want to deal with is her honesty.”

He continued that while, “you have to be transparent,” “You’ve got to ask though, why would your mother and father after all this time come out, and what is that all about? … Mom and dad, come on are you really going to do this to your kid?” And urged Dolezal’s parents to “be the adults here.”

Sharpton added that he wondered what motives Dolezal’s parents may have, and why they just now came forward with the information regarding their daughter’s race.

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