Clinton Campaign Manager: ‘No Poll Shows That Voters Don’t Trust Hillary’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” despite every major poll showing Hillary Clinton’s numbers upside down on trustworthiness, with a recent CNN poll finding 57 percent of voters think Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, Clinton Campaign Manager Robbie Mook said, “No poll shows that voters don’t trust Hillary.”

“No poll says that,” he continued. “First of all the central question in this race is whether voters can trust Hillary Clinton to be a tenacious fighter for them to go to bat for them, to push back on stacked deck that kept middle class behind the answer to that is overwhelmingly, yes. To anyone who watched her speech yesterday that was abundantly clear. She’ll be tenacious fighter for every day Americans. That’s the question in this election voters can trust her to be that fighter as she said people call hear lot of things but they don’t call hear quitter. Right now middle class needs someone who will not quit and will keep fighting for them ever single day.”

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