Graham: ‘Delusional’ Hillary Has Disqualified Herself as Commander-In-Chief

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Hillary Clinton’s “delusional” stance that the Untied States is well positioned to deal with the foreign threats we face “disqualifies” her to be commander-in-chief.

Graham said, “When Secretary Clinton said this country was well positioned to deal with the threats form ISIS Iran Russia and China, she is absolutely delusional. We’re in a bad position against all the threats we face. Because  Barack Obama has been a weak and decisive commander-in-chief. She would be the third term of failed presidency. We better do something different.”

He continued, “Barack Obama turned down sound military advise by not leaving 10,000 troops behind as advised in 2011, and Iraqis would have accepted those troops, he has wasted all the gains that we fought so hard for. —Iraq and al Qaeda have been defeated, they’re on their knees and his decision to withdraw completely from Iraq, and not help the Free Syrian Army three years ago when we could has led to what you see here today. I said it then not just now.”

“If Hillary Clinton thinks we are well position as a nation she has disqualify herself to be commander-in-chief. We are in a terrible spot,” explaining only Rand Paul would be worse on foreign policy. Graham continued, “She said that you have to suspend disbelief to believe that the surge would work when it was being proposed by General Petraeus. You’d have to suspend disbelief to believe that American’s well positioned against Iran against Syria, against ISIS, against Russia, against China. We’re in terrible position. So you’d have to suspend disbelief to believe her statement were well positioned. no, she would be beat by all of us except Rand Paul.”

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