Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Changed Position on Trade Under ‘Great Deal of Pressure’

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell stated that Hillary Clinton went against TPP despite the fact that “she has repeatedly endorsed” it “under a great deal of pressure” on Monday’s “The Rundown with Jose Diaz-Balart.”

Mitchell said, “she gave her first comment Sunday in Iowa. First to the Des Moines Register, then in a public event, first finally talking about one of the biggest issues now dividing the Democratic Party, the issue that has divided the Democrats in the House of Representatives from the President of the United States. So, it was a huge rip-off to the president. And however you feel about trade, the politics, the internal family politics of all this are really pretty tough. And she, Hillary Clinton came down on the side of Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats against President Obama, even though in the past she has repeatedly endorsed this very same trade deal, while the specifics have not been worked out, she’s been in favor of it, she argued for it when she was secretary of state. So, this has put her in a sort of a straddling position, Bernie Sanders hitting her from the left on this. So, this weekend, she finally, under a great deal of pressure, was forced to come out very much against the trade deal as it is now framed. She says it has to be renegotiated, and unless it is negotiated to favor workers, to better protect workers, that it should not be passed.”

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