Anne Gearan: ‘Real Disconnect’ Between Hillary’s Message and Who She Is

Washington Post Political Correspondent Anne Gearan said “there’s a real disconnect” between who Hillary Clinton is and the “message she’s selling” on Monday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC.

After seeing a clip of Mitt Romney saying that Hillary Clinton should face the same scrutiny over her wealth that he faced back in 2012 and wondering how Clinton could push a populist message given her vast wealth, Gearan stated, “they have a vulnerability which is just plain for everyone to see, clearly the Republicans are going to try to exploit it. But it’s something that a lot of Democrats have the same question that Mitt Romney just posed.”

Gearan continued, “I mean, it’s — there’s a real disconnect between the public figure and well-paid public figure she’s become and the kind of ‘I’m in it for the little guy’ message she’s selling.”

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