CNN’s Bash: Hillary’s Problem is Voters ‘Know Her And Don’t Trust Her’

Wednesday on  CNN’s “Wolf,” network chief congressional correspondent Dana Basha discussed the new Quinnipiac University swing state presidential poll showing a majority of voters do not find Hillary Clinton honest and trustworthy and said the real problem is Hillary has 100 percent name recognition, which means the voters “know her and don’t trust her.”

Bash said, “All the voters say the number one characteristic they care most about is honesty and trustworthiness—more than leadership, more than they care about issues that I care about. And on that Hillary Clinton is doing poorly.”

Host Wolf Blitzer said, “We have numbers of that—in Florida, 51 percent say Hillary Clinton is not honest and trustworthy. In Ohio, another key battleground state, 53 percent, and in Pennsylvania, 54 percent don’t view her as honest and trustworthy. You look at those numbers and you have to worry if you’re a supporter of Hillary Clinton.”

Bash added, “The problem for her is that unlike these other candidates, she’s a known quantity. So they know her and don’t trust her.”

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