CNN’s King: Latest Battleground State Polls Show ‘Big Signs’ of Hillary ‘Weakness’

Wednesday on  CNN’s “New Day,” “Inside Politics” host John King said new Quinnipiac polls in key battleground states show “big signs of weakness” in the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

King said, “Big signs of Clinton weakness. I say big signs. I want to make clear where we are in the calendar , it is still summer of 2015. But the Quinnipiac did some polls in battleground states matching Secretary Clinton up against some of the Republicans. In Ohio, Governor John Kasich, who is about to announce he’s running for president, hasn’t done it quite yet, he actually beats her in that key battleground state. He can now throw in, Republicans can’t win without Ohio, ‘look I can beat Hillary.’”

He continued, “Let’s move to Pennsylvania. Republicans say every four years, ‘can we get Pennsylvania?’ Well at the moment, both Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, I’m not going to say beating, that is a statistical tie within the margin of error, but showing competitive against Clinton in the state of Pennsylvania.”

“Then you go down to the state of Florida, and you have Clinton, 47, Rubio, 44. The bottom line here is, sure, she’s the predicted Democratic front-runner. But a little mix of Republican strength, maybe the history of—after a two term presidency the other party tends to win. This looks like a very, very competitive general election, considering she’s the nominee, if the Republicans nominate somebody other than Donald Trump,” he added.

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