MSNBC Panel: Trump Candidacy Head-Shaking, Undertone Racist, Not Credible

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Rundown With José Díaz-Balart,” the executive editor of Blue Nation Review Jimmy Williams and the political editor for  The Boston Globe Shira Center criticized the latest entry into the 2016 Republican presidential field, real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Williams said, “Look he’s been flirting with this for years. This is ego. This is humorous. I understand it, i get it. The question becomes, is he a viable candidate for the Republican nomination to be president of the United States? I don’t know of a single person, not one, not a republican, not a Democrat, not an Independent, who actually thinks his candidacy is credible in any way, shape or form.”

He continued, “How does Donald Trump lose by doing this? At best, he can become president of the United States, which is not going to happen. At worse he only gets bigger in the minds of the American people. Donald trump does not lose by say anything at all. Despite the fact that he was a remarkable, sort of undertone racist in most everything he had to say yesterday he still wins in the minds of many Americans.”
Center said, “If I’m sitting in RNC  headquarters this morning, I’m shaking my head, because what are you going to do with this guy when it comes to the debates?  The way the first debate has been formatted, the top 12 candidates are going to be in that debate. That includes Donald Trump because he’s well known. He’ll be on the stage with more credible candidates, most likely. What will he do? Will he jump in? This is a guy not familiar with traditional campaigning, and he could turn that debate upside down. This is supposed to be the Republican party’s showcasing of top talent in the presidential campaign.”
Williams added, “From the hair to the toes to the shoes to the fragrance to the buildings. nothing about Donald Trump is subtle. I do want to remind the American people that this man thinks he can run the United States government, and he has declared bankruptcy four times. That is not a winning record. Just something to remember.”
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