Rush: Trump’s Message Will ‘Resonate’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh predicted that Donald Trump’s message will “resonate” with people on Tuesday.

Rush urged people to remember the reaction to Ross Perot’s presidential announcement before later stating, “for example, he said about Mexico, ‘They’re sending us their worst people. They’re sending us criminals. They’re sending us the poor. They’re just bad people. Some of them may be good people but they’re just bad people, and we don’t need ’em.’ And it resonated. That’s gonna resonate. There’s a whole bunch of people, just like Perot resonated. And the Drive-By Media, by the way, they’re already scoffing, they’re already discounting it, they’re already calling it a circus act and this kind of thing. And it was. I mean, it was not at all what he passed out. He had a ten-minute speech that he gave out that was embargoed, that was not what he did today. You know, Trump’s many things. He’s a serious businessman, he’s a performer, he’s got a performer’s ego. That was on display today, and some days when you see him he’s dead serious about things.”

Rush added, “Now, don’t misunderstand that. You know me, I’m not endorsing, haven’t endorsed. I’m nowhere near any of that. I’m not even jazzed yet, folks. I have to tell you that this is all so premature, and it’s all so early, that whatever polling numbers there are just do not interest me, because where we are right now is nowhere near where we’re gonna end up.”

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