Kirby: We Might Have ‘Decided Not To’ Turn Over Some Blumenthal Emails to Committee

State Department Spokesperson John Kirby stated that the State Department might have gotten emails from Sidney Blumenthal that they “decided not to” turn over to the Benghazi Select Committee at Friday’s State Department press briefing.

Kirby was asked about emails turned over the Benghazi Select Committee by Blumenthal between him and Secretary Clinton that “directly touched on Benghazi and Libya” and “should have been included by any objective measure” in the emails the State Department turned over to the committee. Kirby said, “After receiving the emails from former Secretary Clinton, we went through them all, and gave to the select committee those that we felt best met their request, which was for Benghazi-related emails.”

Kirby later stated that “we continue to go through the thousands and thousands of others. And we will make those public through the FOIA process in time. I can’t speak to whether or not there were emails that Mr. Blumenthal provided that we have and just decided not to or were not provided to us. We tried to meet in good faith the select committee’s requirement for Benghazi-related emails, and this department believes strongly that we met that requirement, and again, we continue to go through them.”

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