Dem Strategist: Not Surprising if Clinton Loses to Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” Democratic strategist Maria Cardona said it will not be surprising if Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) beats Hillary Clinton in the Iowa and New Hampshire presidential primary.

Cardona said, “The media has thought this was going to be a coronation. The Clinton campaign never thought that this was going to be a coronation. That’s why she’s fighting to earn every single vote. He’s from a neighboring state. We shouldn’t be surprised if he does very well in New Hampshire and Iowa and perhaps even wins. I think this is good for the Democratic party. Democrats don’t want a coronation. as a Hillary supporter, I think she’ll be the nominee, she’ll be that much better of a nominee because of Bernie.”

Republican Sara Fagen added, “The little discussed fact in politics today is the democratic party base has moved farther to the left than the Republican base has moved to the right. He’s saying what many democratic activists what to hear. I think is a real challenge for Mrs. Clinton, he’s not going to be the nominee, but he’s going to cause her an incredible headache, and move her to the left and potentially make her unelectable in a general election.”

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