Fiorina: Take Back Feminism So It’s For All Women, Not Just for Leftists

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued feminism should be taken back “for all women, not just for those who believe in the litany of the left” in an interview broadcast on Monday’s broadcast of “The Cycle” on MSNBC.

Fiorina began by stating, “I’m not running because I’m a woman. I’ve never been a token in my life. But the facts are, I am a woman and I’m very proud to be a woman and I’m very proud to be able to talk with the 54% of voters who are women. And I do think it’s important that as a party we are as diverse as the nation we hope to represent.”

When asked if the Republican Party needs to do a better job at minority outreach, she responded, “Well, I think one of the things we can’t do is play identity politics. That’s the Democrat Party’s game. But I also think that sometimes the Republican Party, in its tone, is judgmental when we need to be empathetic. Sometimes, I think we need to acknowledge reality, and the reality is that women’s potential still is not fully utilized in this country. And it’s to everyone’s advantage that women’s potential be fully utilized, not because women are better than men, but because women are half the potential in this nation.”

Fiorina also addressed the issue of feminism, Fiorina said she considers herself a feminist and that “I’m tired of women who are conservative like me being dismissed by others because we don’t agree with them. And I think it’s time to take that word back, for all women, not just for those who believe in the litany of the left.”

Fiorina also said of the debate rules, “what I’m focused on is getting that top ten. So, I’m going to work really hard to do that. But you’re absolutely right, debates are important for me. Because the debates are an opportunity for the American people to get to know me and for the contrast between my experience, which is altogether different from anyone else running, not to mention the fact I look a little different.”

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