Gowdy: Blumenthal Advised Clinton on ‘How to Claim Credit For’ Libya

Benghazi Select Committee Chairman Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said that Sidney Blumenthal was Hillary Clinton’s “political adviser” and “had a lot of advice for Secretary Clinton on how to claim credit for the ‘success’ in Libya” on Monday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

Gowdy commented on Sidney Blumenthal’s emails that he turned over to the committee, “Well, it’s a whole lot more from Sidney Blumenthal than we ever got from the State Department or Secretary Clinton by a factor of about three. Three times more from Sidney Blumenthal, and these emails should have been produced to us long ago, they relate to Benghazi, Libya, weapons, all of the key words that we’ve been asking for. And for reasons that I cannot tell you, because I have not been told myself, either Secretary Clinton didn’t turn them over to the State Department, or the State Department didn’t turn them over to us. But in either event, they should have been part of the public record a long time ago and they were not.”

Gowdy added, “Sidney Blumenthal didn’t have any idea what was in these memos that he was forwarding. He was merely a conduit. But, he didn’t draft them. He doesn’t know the first thing about Libya. He’s never been to Libya. So, that does call into question why Secretary Clinton would receive so many emails from him.” And “We also got a little glimpse into Sidney Blumenthal, and he was not a Libya adviser, but he was a political adviser. And he had a lot of advice for Secretary Clinton on how to claim credit for the ‘success’ in Libya, and also some 2012 observations that he made that we found instructive.”

Gowdy also joined with his state’s Sens. Scott and Graham call to remove the Confederate from the state Capitol, saying, “To me, that flag is a symbol of our past, but it is not symbolic of our present or our future. And if it is in your past, if it is a symbol of your past. I think it is best housed in the South Carolina Museum.”

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