‘Morning Joe’ Mocks White House for Downplaying Gruber Role in ObamaCare

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” a panel made up of co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, along with Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin, former Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN) and former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean mocked the White House for not being forthright about MIT economist Jonathan Gruber’s role in the development of the ObamaCare law.

The panel’s remarks came on the heels of a Wall Street Journal story showing significant email correspondence between the White House and Gruber.

“I owe my Republican sources an apology because they kept telling me he was hugely involved and the White House played it down,” Halperin said. “They were right. The Republicans were right … I think they were not fully forthcoming, or they may have had their recollections impaired.”

“Mika, let me see if one person will talk straight,” Scarborough said. “The White House assured us that Mr. Gruber was a bit player. It appears now that was not true. Did the White House lie about Mr. Gruber’s involvement?”

“It certainly appears they did,” Brzezinski replied.

(h/t RNC Research)

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