Coulter: If We Want To Help African-Americans, Ban the Dems Not Their Flag

Tuesday on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal,” conservative commentator and author of “¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole” Ann Coulter, said the debate over the Confederate battle flag on grounds of South Carolina’s State Capitol is “completely moronic” because the true threat to the African-American community are the Democrats who once championed that flag.

Coulter said, “I think it’s completely moronic. I mean this is an awful awful thing that happened in Charleston. Luckily, it’s quite rare. But to jump on this and go back to a litany of liberal talking points that make Republicans look bad, how about banning the Democratic party? They were the ones supported the Confederate side of the Civil War. They were the ones that supported segregation for a hundred years. If we want to do something nice for black people, how about ending immigration which is dumping millions of low-wage workers on the country and taking jobs from African-Americans, as enumerable studies have shown. I mean there are all sorts of  nice things you could be doing here.”

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