Maher: Some Comedians ‘Stay Within Whatever the Liberal Doctrine Is’

HBO host and comedian Bill Maher remarked that “political comedians…stay within whatever the liberal doctrine is” to avoid upsetting their audience in an interview on Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” released on Wednesday.

Maher stated, (relevant remarks begin around 4:55) “It’s a little different with political comedians, because they stay within whatever the liberal doctrine is, they’re not going to upset their audience about that.” He gave Islam as an example of where he has strayed from liberal doctrines, saying “I’m the one standing up for equal rights for women and free speech and respect for minorities, free and fair elections. It’s not my fault that these are qualities that are more lacking in the Muslim world than in any other culture, but liberals saw this for years as an attack on a minority.” And that liberals criticizing his position on Islam were being “so tolerant that they were tolerating intolerance.”

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