Jeb: Obama Should ‘Applaud’ NSA Efforts

Republican presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush criticized president Obama for not applauding counterintelligence efforts at NSA headquarters in an interview set to broadcast on Friday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Jeb, when asked about Hillary Clinton’s private server said, “I do think it’s going to be an issue, and I think it’s also an issue that President Obama hasn’t even gone to Fort Meade to the headquarters of the NSA to applaud the efforts of our counterintelligence people. These are patriots that are keeping us safe, and it’s been, it has been deemphasized, and we’re starting to see the results of this. The OPM is the worst of this, but there’s other cases as well, and look, Secretary Clinton is going to have to be held to account for her private server. I can’t imagine that the security of her server in her home in New York is going to be better than it would be at the Department of State. At least I hope not.”

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