Maher: Obamacare’s 5 So GOP Shouldn’t Repeal, But It’s Too Profit-Oriented

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said Republicans shouldn’t try to repeal Obamacare because it’s five years old and that all of Obamacare’s problems are “because the profit motive is written into it” on Friday.

Maher, in discussing GOP reactions the King v. Burwell decision, said, “it was passed in 2010. You know, it’s five years old. When it’s five years old, you got to stop thinking about an abortion.” After pollster Kristen Anderson pointed out that there are probably policies that George W. Bush signed into law that are older than Obamacare that Maher would want to change and that Maher was making a “silly argument,” he asked, “Well, what about the option of cooperating on it?”

Later, Maher declared “all the problems with it [Obamacare] are still because the profit motive is written into it, because it’s still not what other countries have, which is the idea that to get a bone set — people are sick, it shouldn’t be a battle between the bottom-line profit gouging –.”

After that, Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson argued in favor of the public option that was initially part of Obamacare. Author and Editor-at-Large Mary Katharine Ham responded that there will never be an unlimited supply of healthcare or doctors. Dyson said in reaction, “Say people with doctors. … That’s who says that. People who have access to healthcare say that.” Ham then asked him if there is an unlimited supply of doctors, which he admitted there wasn’t. Dyson then asked, “Why doesn’t Congress let everybody else have what they have and then we’ll call it a day?”

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