Peters: ‘We in the Media Are Prisoners of the Islamic State’

Friday on “Fox & Friends,” ret. U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters discussed this morning’s beheading and gas factory attack near Lyon, France and declared “the media are prisoners to ISIS.”

Joking, Peters said, “I’m waiting for a statement from the White House blaming this on the Confederate battle flag.”

He continued, “I have to find our reaction to this a bit hysterical. This is this is the new normal. You know, there’s going to be more of this. We’re going to be dealing with it for decades.”

“You know, Islamic state are brilliant propagandists, they are absolutely terrific,” he added. “They have a creative department that knows how to pull the right strings. We just had apparently had one death in France—a partially successful terrorist attack—and it’s making global headlines. We have to report the news. I understand that and people want to know. But ISIS is able to manipulate us even through these lone wolves to continue their propaganda campaign and this inspires other lone wolves or small cells—this sounds like it was a small cell of perhaps two people, so we are really all prisoners. We in the media are prisoners of the Islamic state.”

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