Coulter: Dems, US Flag ‘Stand More For Slavery Than the Confederate Flag Did’

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter stated “What the Confederate flag stands for is not slavery, in fact the Democratic Party and the American flag stand more for slavery than the Confederate flag did” in an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel

Coulter began by saying, “For one thing, to respond to this shooting, this horrible, sickening shooting in Charleston by going after the Confederate flag. The guy was a nut, point one. Point two, just as a general matter, you keep hearing we’re a country of marauding white racists gunning down black people. Well, no, that’s not what the crime statistics suggest. It’s a horrible, sickening thing, and it is especially sick what happened in Charleston, because those poor, lovely victims were chosen because of their race. But it’s worth saying, ‘At the same time, luckily, those sorts of crimes are extremely rare, and stop lying to us about it, media.'”

Coulter also discussed the profiling and detecting of shooters by policy, arguing, “Even if they find them, there’s nothing they can do because of the deinstitutionalization movement. … They all have the same haircut, the far-away stare, they’re all males in their 20s, they’re loners, they have a manifesto. Starting with the Virginia Tech shooter, going right up to Lanza and Loughner and James Holmes and the one in Santa Barbara last summer. I mean, all of the markers are exactly the same. So, yes, of course it has nothing to do with gun control and it has nothing to do with the Confederate flag. If we’re banning symbols that remind us of slavery, we ought to be banning the Democratic Party which fought for slavery.”

She added, “What the Confederate flag stands for is not slavery, in fact the Democratic Party and the American flag stand more for slavery than the Confederate flag did. The flag we’re talking about was the battle flag, it didn’t fly over any Confederate buildings, it was taken into battle. And anyone who is at all familiar with military history will notice that the South is rather over-represented in the heroic annals of American military history. It’s about the proud warrior culture of the South, both blacks and whites.” And “Here [the Civil War] it [the US] did come together because the deal made was, the South gives up, and the North honors their brave and tremendous fighting. As I have said before, man for man, the Confederate Army was the best military force to ever take a field. When President Lincoln found out that the South hadn’t surrendered he went out on the White House lawn and played ‘Dixie.’ Are we supposed to get rid of ‘Dixie’? And that’s what brought the two sides together. It is part of our history. And I have said, and I will say again, I’m particularly appalled, having just written this book about immigration, with immigrants coming here and not understanding America’s history coming down the gangplank, ‘I know just what this country needs.’ No, I don’t want to hear — how about wait third or fourth generation to start bossing us around. Bobby Jindal doesn’t complain about the Confederate flag, he understands American history.”

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