ESPN’s Olbermann Continues Tirade Against ‘Racist’ Washington Redskins

On Thursday’s episode of “Olbermann” on ESPN2, host Keith Olbermann continued his attacks against the so-called “racist” Washington Redskins during his “Worst Persons in the Sports World” segment.

Although the call for a change has escalated in recent weeks, owner Dan Snyder has elected to not change the name, saying the name represents “honor.”

Olbermann, who recently compared the Confederate flag debate to the Washington Redskins, called out the Redskins for losing out on putting a new stadium inside Washington, D.C., which is a penalty imposed by the Obama administration until a name-change occurs, as well as for having a group of Native Americans in Alaska no longer use FedEx because they sponsor the Redskins stadium.

“So this week he got his first official boycott, the largest tribal counsel in Alaska will not use FedEx anymore because their name is on the current stadium and he lost the D.C. option for the new place and his hammer gets politicians in the state of Virginia, too because he’s sticking to the racist name.”

Olbermann brought in actor Johnathan Banks on his show in April, and he also charged “Jewish” owner Snyder to change the Redskins name.

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