McLaughlin: Clinton ‘Did the Right Thing’ By Having Private Email

“McLaughlin Group” host John McLaughlin argued Hillary Clinton “did the right thing” by using a private email system on Friday.

McLaughlin asked, “Given that the Chinese were able to steal millions of sensitive SF86 files from the US government with ease, was Hillary Clinton smart to use a personal e-mail system when she was secretary of state?”

Eleanor Clift argued that “It was a political error, but it’s awfully hard to make the case that her system is more secure than the State Department. The State Department was hacked during that same period.”

After Mort Zuckerman responded “it is undoubtedly the case that the State Department had better security than what Hillary had in her own private –,” Clift interjected, “But they were hacked and she wasn’t.”

McLaughlin concluded the discussion with, “I’m going to give her a yes, she did the right thing.”

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