Van Jones: Hillary Roping Reporters Was the ‘Worst Visual Metaphor’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the political panel criticized Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for roping off the media at a Fourth of July parade in New Hampshire.

Former Obama administration green czar  Van Jones the rope line was the “worst visual metaphor.”

He added, “Before, you could say she’s not talking to reporters but you can’t cover not talking. You can show this image over and over again and it’s awful.”

S.E. Cupp said, “Well I mean, this is humiliating. This is humiliating for reporters who have to abide by Hillary Clinton’s rules of journalism. And it’s not just this. You know the entire campaign, she has, you know, kept them at a distance. She barely answers questions. There’s all these rules.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Carol Lee said, “Reporters are being penned off like farm animals.”

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