Christie: There’d Be ‘A Riot’ If GOP Treated Press Like Clinton Does

New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie said “there would have been a riot” if Republican candidates treated the press like Hillary Clinton does on Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom.”

Christie said Clinton’s press rope line was “outrageous,” “I’ve never seen a political candidate who wants to have such little contact with the people.”

He added, “I think Mrs. Clinton better be careful. Better not — you remember, she took a wildly liberal United States senator too lightly 2008 and wound up being secretary of state rather than president.” And “the press needs to fight back. … The media wouldn’t allow this to happen with any of the Republican candidates. If we tried to put a rope line around the media, when we were at our parade in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on Saturday, there would have been a riot right then. Why not for Mrs. Clinton?”

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