Rush: Killings By Released Illegals Show Cops ‘Bullied’ By PC Culture

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that news first reported by Breitbart Texas that an illegal immigrant who had been deported four times is suspected of murdering his wife with a hammer showed the cops were being “bullied” by political correctness on Monday.

Rush began by saying showed the killing of another woman in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant was not a “one-off.” He continued, “everybody now trying to say, ‘Hey, let’s not join Trump in the — hey, hey, hey, it would be terribly unfortunate to try to tar and feather an entire ethnicity over this,’ when that’s exactly what the left does,” citing blame placed on Republicans or their policies for mass shootings and even natural disasters and that “the white race is being specifically blamed for all of these societal ills, and the white race is being used as the justification all of the crime being committed by minorities and victims and what have you.”

Rush then read from the article before pointing out “the local police did not want to turn the perp over because they didn’t want to lose the trust of the local Hispanic community. … That might be what they say, but trust is not what they’re worried about here. They didn’t want a mob uprising. It’s no different than what’s happening with speech. You can’t say the truthful thing in many cases because it’ll create mob hysteria. … I mean, this is classic bullying. When the cops admit to being bullied, or when the cops admit to their [culpability] in being bullied, good grief.” And “People who engage in criminal behavior, either to a little bit or a large extent, are somehow protected and shielded because we don’t want to offend them. … ‘We’d better not anger there of illegals, otherwise we won’t be able to control ’em, so we’ll let some guy who beats his wife continue to do so because we don’t want to lose the trust of the Hispanic community in this town.'”

He further wondered why Democrats and the San Francisco government didn’t have to justify their policy decisions. He further argued that Donald Trump’s comments were being mischaracterized, and that Trump was “hanging in there” and that him doing so “is what I keep hearing when I travel around, people tell me what the Republican Party needs [somebody who won’t back down].”

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