Fiorina: Hillary Interview Shows Press Won’t Ask About Hillary’s State Dept Tenure

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina argued Hillary Clinton’s CNN interview shows “the media isn’t going to ask her questions about her State Department tenure” on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel.

Fiorina said that Clinton’s characterization of all Republican candidates of being on a “spectrum of hostility” to immigrants was “entirely predictable. And I think it’s vintage Clinton that she would equate not supporting a pathway to citizenship for those that have come here and stayed here illegally, I certainly do not, and never have, that she would equate that with hostility to immigration, that simply falls, but of course it serves her political narrative, which is to continue the Democrat playbook of identity politics, lump Americans into various identity groups, make them victims, pit one identity group against another. I think it was vintage Clinton in another way, she accepted accountability for nothing. She was not asked a single question about her State Department time. And she blamed the right wing conspiracy for everything. We’ve heard this before.”

She later added, “You know, what’s amazing to me about those comments [about it being “fun” that people can see Clinton’s emails], as well as the comments about the Clinton Global Initiative that she made and how the State Department relied on the contracts that her brilliant husband had negotiated, she truly does not see a conflict of interest. I think that’s clear. She truly doesn’t see that this is an issue. She doesn’t see that it’s an issue that you have a private server in your basement that you’ve wiped clean. She doesn’t see a conflict in the cozy little relationship between the Clinton Global Initiative, the State Department, and foreign governments who had business in front of the State Department. She doesn’t see it. And this is vintage Clinton as well, it’s, sort of like, you know, ‘Just trust us, we know best. Honestly, there’s nothing to see here.’ And every question that’s raised is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy. But honestly, I think this interview also points out this fact, the media isn’t going to ask her questions about her State Department tenure, why she called Bashar al-Assad a positive ‘reformer,’ why she thought a gimmicky red reset button would stop Vladimir Putin, why she declared victory in Iraq in 2011, why Benghazi was really lied about for a long time, what’s gone on in Libya. And so we need a nominee who’s going to ask those questions and demand answers on the general debate stage.”

Fiorina also commented on sanctuary city policies, arguing, “Well, obviously sanctuary cities are a travesty of our justice system. But the truth is this, sanctuary cities existed under a Republican administration as well. And I think one of the reasons that people are really tired of professional politicians, 82% of the American people now think we have a professional political class, is everybody talks about solving problems, particularly at election time, but somehow the problems don’t get solved. We need our federal immigration laws enforced in every single city, including San Francisco. It’s shameful that sanctuary cities exist. Of course, are welcoming to immigrants, legal immigrants, this country was built on immigration. But, Hillary Clinton is going to continue to play identity politics, continue to try and run away from accountability for anything and everything she has ever done or not done.”

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