Rand Paul: ‘Very Good Chance’ Hillary Lied to Congress on Benghazi

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) reacted to a new report that the U.S. government knew about arms being sent to Libyan rebel groups and said there is a “very good chance” Hillary Clinton lied to Congress in light of the fact that two years ago during a Senate hearing when  Paul asked then Secretary of State Clinton she claimed she did not know anything about it

Paul said, “I find it hard to believe Hillary Clinton didn’t know. In fact  she was the biggest cheerleader for redistributing these arms to Syrian rebels. The reason this is an important issue is many of these people who received the arms are not friends of America. Many of them are linked to al Qaeda and al Nusra and some of these weapons may well have ended up in the hands of people who became ISIS. So this is no small fact. Whether or not she told the truth is a big deal. And some of the emails coming out about Benghazi indicate that maybe she did know a lot more about this arms trade than she let on.”

He continued,”I don’t think our public officials should be allowed to come before congressional committees and lie. But it’s also concerning because the big problem we face with ISIS. Did it have anything to do with Hillary Clinton arming people who became ISIS or were friends or allies of ISIS?”

When asked if he stands behind the lie word Paul added, “I think there is a very good chance, because I think there is no way that Hillary Clinton did not  know about this. Her private emails show that she was the one supporting arming these people.”

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