Carter: ‘Stupid’ Supreme Court Ruling Turned America into ‘Plutocracy’

Wednesday on “The Stephanie Miller Show,” former President Jimmy Carter said because of the “stupid” Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case, America has become a “plutocracy.”

Carter said, “The basic structure of our moral values of the framework of our democracy has gone down the drain in the last twenty years or so and it’s now become pretty much a plutocracy where money determines who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees. Money determines who will win election for Congress or for the U.S. Senate or for the governorship And the massive infusion of money that has come into the political process because of the Supreme Court’s stupid ruling on Citizens United has resulted in using a lot of those funds for negative commercials to tear down the reputation of our opponent, which generates animosity, which carries on into Washington so it’s a very horrible thing that happened to American political systems.”

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