Obama Encourages ‘Cool Kids’ to Chip-Shame Classmates Into Eating Healthier

Friday at the The White House’s  2015 Kids State Dinner, President Barack Obama told the 2015 winners of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge to pressure their classmates to not eat foods like chips.

After joking about one of the dishes being named “barackamole,” Obama said, “The reason it’s so important for you guys to be here and to be doing what you are doing is because the truth is that parents it turns out don’t always have the most influence in terms of encouraging young people to eat healthy. What really helps is when their friends at school are all like ‘ah you are having chips, I’m sorry, I’m having the barackamole’ and then because you are a cool kid, suddenly the other kids are all like, well if that cool kid is eating broccoli, maybe I should try that broccoli out.”

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