Judge Pirro: ‘Concept of Sanctuary Cities Is Wrong’

During her opening statement on her Saturday Fox News Channel show “Justice w/ Judge Jeanine,” host Jeanine Pirro hammered the concept of sanctuary cities, calling it “wrong” and “fundamentally flawed.”

“There are more than 200 sanctuary cities in the United States where government employees and law enforcement cannot or do not report or share information or hand over illegals to immigration, even if federal authorities say they want them, even if the illegal is a career criminal. The concept of sanctuary cities is wrong. It is fundamentally flawed and because of this mutinous refusal to follow law, you and your family are in real danger.”

Pirro, using the death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco as an example, iterated that sanctuary cities are not actually safe-havens for Americans, but rather for the criminal illegal aliens like Steinle’s alleged killer, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez.

“Sanctuary cities are safe havens for criminal aliens, not their innocent victims. In fact, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez admitted he came San Francisco because it was a sanctuary.”

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