Chris Matthews: Other Candidates ‘Mush’ Compared to Trump’s Talent

Monday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” while discussing Republican presidential candidate and billionaire business mogul Donald Trump, host Chris Matthews said everyone running against Trump is “mush” in comparison.

Matthews said, “He’s not going to quit if he’s doing well and motive doesn’t matter. If he’s a charlatan showman businessman—which he’s all those things in many ways—he still seems to have grabbed something in the gut of the American conservative, working class Republican. The polls will show you. He has found something. What is it that he’s found that seems to be jacking him? His favorability doubled the last couple weeks.”

“Who is this grand Republican army that will beat him? I think he is up against mush. I don’t see any talent out there that is as talented as he is to grab a crowd. Who would you want to go to see give a speech right now? Scott Walker? Ha!”

He added, “I think they are afraid of Trump. That’s my argument.”

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