Scarborough: GOP Establishment ‘Does Have Something to Worry About’ With Trump

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough said “the Republican establishment does have something to worry about” with Donald Trump and pointed to his support from “young” and “unaffiliated” voters on Monday.

Scarborough said, “I got on the phone and I talked to some friends who usually move around in Republican primaries, and aren’t the types that will go with the establishment figure no matter what, sort of wild cards. And the Republican establishment does have something to worry about. I’m hearing a lot of young people…a lot of young people in Oregon, a lot of unaffiliated people. They’re all saying, ‘I like that Trump guy. Trump tells the truth. Trump this, trump that.’ That is a challenge, especially when you consider that he’s talking mainly about illegal immigration, and doing it in a way that is very troubling to a lot of people.”

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