Walker: ‘Clear’ Obama and Clinton ‘Have Us On Their Mind’

Wisconsin Governor and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker argued that attacks directed at him by President Obama and Hillary Clinton were evidence that “it’s clear they have us on their mind” on Monday’s “Sean Hannity Show.”

Walker pointed to attacks by Clinton and Obama as evidence that “it’s clear they have us on their mind. I mean, you had the president go after me personally when I signed right to work. … He said I needed to bone up [on foreign policy] I said that’s funny for a guy who called ISIS the JV squad and Yemen a success story. I don’t know who needs to bone up, but you’ve got Hillary Clinton attacking me on photo ID, which the vast majority of Americans side with us on that this is just common sense reform out there. And now the stuff on worker training, I mean, this is same person, [who] a year ago, on her book tour said she and Bill Clinton were dirt poor when they came out of the White House.”

Walker began by touting his record on addressing Wisconsin’s debt and the state’s unemployment and labor participation rates.  He then addressed Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Walker’s actions towards Wisconsin’s unions, saying, “What she’s truly saying is that if she’s president, she’s going to stand with the big government union bosses, the big government special interests that have driven our nation and our states and our communities into the kind of economic crises they face. What we did was pro-worker and pro-taxpayer. We took the power of the big government special interests, the big government union bosses, put it firmly into the hands of the hard-working taxpayers. And along the way, by doing right to work, we actually gave workers the freedom to choose whether they want to be in a union or not. What’s more pro-worker than that?”

He continued that President Obama and Clinton who think “you grow the economy by growing Washington.” And that Hillary is “somebody who, every time she opens her mouth, shows that she’s completely out of touch with everyday Americans.”

Later, Walker argued, “We can be competitive throughout the industrial Midwest, that means Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, I’d even include Pennsylvania.”

When asked about Donald Trump, Walker responded, “in terms of Donald Trump, like any of the other Republicans, he can speak for himself. So, I’m not going to put words in his mouth or say what he’s going to say. … I’m going to tell people what I stand for and what I believe.”

He continued, “When it comes to immigration, this is an issue I’ve spent a lot of time on. As you know, we’ve talked about this before, I’ve gone to the border, I’ve been there with the governor of Texas, I’ve been with other local officials in other states, talked about this. I’ve been there on the ground, in the air, talking, seeing the videos. … I think Americans think securing the border is just about immigration, it is far bigger and greater. It’s about safety. It’s about security. It’s about sovereignty of our nation. If we had this kind of international criminal organizations penetrating our water ports in the east and west coast, we’d be sending the Navy or at least the Coast Guard. And yet we’re being overrun with cartels that are pushing drugs, firearms, and people. We’re not talking people just coming over to work. We’re talking about people that — human trafficking out there. So, first and foremost, we’ve got in place the resources needed to secure the border when it comes to, not just the physical border itself, but the technology and the personnel.” And “as we go forward with legal immigration, we should put a priority on saying, ‘We’re going to look out for American working families, their wages, in a way that actually improves the American economy.'”

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