Obama: America Has Double Standard for Kids in Low Income Areas

Tuesday at the NAACP annual convention, President Barack Obama said kids in places like Baltimore and Ferguson, MO get the police called on them instead of parents and principles dealing with discipline issues.

“Places like West Philly or West Baltimore or Ferguson, MO they are part of America too,” Obama said. “They are not separate. They are part of America like anywhere else. The kids there are American kids, just like your kids and my kids. But we have to make sure the boys and  girls in those communities are loved and cherished and supported and nurtured and invested in. And we have to have the same standards for those children as we have for our own children. So if you are a parent you know there is a time when boys and girls are going to act our in school.  And so the question is are we letting principles and parents deal with one set of kids and we call the police on another set of kids?  That is not the right thing to do.”

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