Buchanan: Trump Success Because Americans Are ‘Tired’ of ‘Politically Correct’ GOP

Tuesday night on Newsmax TV’s “Newsmax Prime,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing well in the polls because people are”tired” of “politically correct” Republicans who are unwilling to confront the issue of illegal immigration head on.

Buchanan said, “People are listening. They’re tired of other folks’ words. And whatever you say about Donald Trump, he appears to be a man of action who gets done what he says he’s going to do.”

“There’s no doubt that Mexico uses the United States as a safety valve to get rid of the problems in its own country so they won’t explode there,” he continued. “They let folks come into our country, and they’re not too persnickety about who they let go. Trump has really got an issue, and the American people know it. They’re upset about what’s going on in the border. And he’s the one guy that’s raising Cain about it,”

He added, “Listen many of the Republicans are politically correct they want to get rightly positioned which is ‘I’m against illegal immigration. We want a border fence. We want no pathway to citizenship and we want legalization.’ They are all taking this line that they have been given by the folks that do their  polling  to make sure they don’t antagonize this group or that group. And what Trump is saying is basic common sense: We’ve got people walking into our country. We don’t know who they are. Some of them are criminals. Some of them commit horrible deeds. And they’re walking in here from a neighboring country that’s not doing its job in helping us stop it and I want it stopped, and people understand that.”

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