Cowherd Castigates the ‘Right’ for Outrage over Jenner ‘Courage’ Award

On Thursday’s airing of “The Thundering Herd” on ESPN Radio, host Colin Cowherd responded to the backlash for ESPN promoting Bruce Jenner and the acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award Wednesday night during ESPN’s ESPYs awards show that was aired on ABC.

Cowherd first called the people against it “phonies,” and then later quipped that he is tired of hearing “the right” bring up that they are being force fed LGBT on TV.

“This, ‘I’m being force fed.’ If I have to hear that from the right again, ‘I am being forced’ I’m not being forced to do anything. ‘Well, what do I tell my kids?’ They’re your brats, not mine. Parent them. It’s a teaching moment. Mine are tough enough. I don’t want to deal with yours. ‘What do I tell my kids?’ Don’t have kids if you can’t figure out what to tell them. All right? Don’t have them.”

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