Coulter: Trump’s Candidacy ‘Divides the Elites From the People’ More Than Anything I’ve Seen

Columnist and author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter stated of Donald Trump’s candidacy, “I’ve never seen an issue that divides the elites from the people so much” on Friday’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network.

Coulter said, “Well, for one thing I understand the FBI was following this family, we know they were following the Tsarnaev brothers, the Boston bombers. So, I’m thinking a better idea, instead of taxpayers supporting the FBI to follow all these people we’re bringing in, and putting in American neighborhoods in the country. Why don’t we just not bring them in so we don’t have to pay the FBI to follow them? I mean, these are all legal immigrants.”

She added, “you would think this would have occurred to Republicans a little sooner, looking at it from a purely partisan perspective. The post-1970 immigrants, the ones brought in by Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act, not only are far poorer than native-born Americans, and much more likely to access government services, but they’re voting 8 to 2 for the Democrats. If they were voting 8 to 2 for the Republicans, I promise you, Chuck Schumer would on the border with the Minutemen.” And “Obama would not have been elected at all, but for the post-1970 immigrants. So, what is going on with these Republicans, Lou? I mean, for their own political survival, is their position the same as the Chamber of Commerce? ‘Oh well, screw the country. I only have a few more years in politics anyway?’ Or ‘I’ll make my pile, and so much for America?’ It seems to be.”

The discussion then turned to the candidacy of Donald Trump, Coulter was asked if she likes what Trump is doing. She responded, “Yes, I do. Well, he asked for, and received an advance copy of my book, and I think that’s where all his spicy stuff about Hispanic rape is coming. Because, as you just mentioned, the 1965 act changed the immigrants we’re bringing in legally dramatically from the immigrants who had come in until that time. And we’re mostly bringing in peasant cultures. Very, very — the poorest of the poor, from cultures as different from ours as imaginable, which is bringing all kinds of surprising behaviors on the country. Honor killings, gang rape, incest rape, and I cover a lot in the book. So, even if you like the idea of living in a place like California — I mean, besides the beautiful beaches out here — that is one-party state, and America too is going to be a one-party state. Even if you want total hegemonic control of politics by the Democrats, the country is changing in other ways, where these cultures are changing us. We are not changing them.”

Coulter concluded, “Well, I am shocked that no Republican is picking up on this. I mean, we have been promised over and over again a wall, secure the border, I’m totally against amnesty, whether it’s from a Bush or a Rubio, a Rick Perry, and then we have been double-crossed over and over again. And I have been a little surprised, I’ve been doing a lot of book events out here, how crowd after crowd, and, you know, drivers I have, makeup artists, 100% behind Trump. I’ve never seen an issue that divides the elites from the people so much. You would think Republicans would notice this. But, you know, I mean, I’d like to like him, Scott Walker gave his announcement speech this week, 40 minutes, not one word about immigration. With Trump, number one in the polls, frankly I hope he is serious. And usually what happens to these candidates, who are not already governors, is you know, they think ‘Screw it. This is no fun running for president. I won’t.’ I hope he keeps running.”

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