GOP Rep Kelly: ‘Psychiatrists Would Have a Field Day’ With Obama

Friday on New York’s AM 970’s “The Joe Piscopo Show,” a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), said President Obama is more concerned about his legacy than protecting the American people and “psychiatrists would have a field day with him.”

Kelly said in order to fight radical Islam, we have to get out of the “la-la land” of political correctness and realize “We are at war.”

Discussing why President Obama won’t recognize our current fight with radical Islam, Kelly said, “I think the psychiatrists would have a field day with him. Everything is about him.”

Kelly continued, “His legacy, his place in the world is more important than the American people.”

“It’s absolutely sad, we’e elected him twice. Elections have consequences,” he added. Kelly concluded, “People need to wake up and stop thinking about who it is that likes me more, and start thinking about who the hell it is who can run this country the way it needs to be run.”

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