Coulter: Trump Made a Mistake, But Jeb’s and Rubio’s Mistakes Are Worse

On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” columnist author of “Adios, America,” Ann Coulter responded to Donald Trump’s John McCain comments, saying it was his first mistake, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, who “makes one a day.”

While Coulter acknowledged Trump’s mistake, she maintained that he knew it was a “dumb thing to say” and “took it back right away.” Coulter added that Trump’s mistake was his first, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, who makes “one a day.” And that Trump’s mistake wasn’t as bad as Jeb Bush giving drivers licenses to 13 of the 19 9/11 hijackers, or Marco Rubio “lying about opposing amnesty,” but then “spending three years pushing it,” because, those are “big consequential mistakes.” Later, Coulter argued that it “looks silly” for other candidates to pounce on Trump for his remarks, and asked for more denunciation of the government’s immigration policies and their role in the deaths of five servicemen in Tennessee and Kate Steinle in San Francisco.

After host Judge Pirro asked why Trump has received so much backlash, Coulter replied that it is because he is the frontrunner in ratings and because of his strong stance on immigration.

She said the widespread criticism of Trump was, “both because he’s number one, and because he’s raising immigration as an issue, which all of the rest of them are cowardly running from. I mean, this is a former businessman who’s never run for office, he’s a reality TV star and he shoots to the top of the ratings by finally talking about immigration the way voters have been begging some Republican, or even a Democrat to talk about immigration.”

Coulter also mocked the Huffington Post for refusing to cover Trump in their politics section, and wondered if they would keep doing so “when he becomes he president.”

She further concluded, by arguing that Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) referring to Kate Steinle’s death as “a little thing,” McCain flip-flopping on the Bowe Bergdahl deal, and Rubio and Bush’s mistakes are “rather more important mistakes” than Trump’s and aren’t “momentary lapses said in anger” like Trump’s remarks. And that “The attention this is getting just shows how Donald Trump is totally shaking up the field by talking about immigration, something that has been banned by both the Democrats and the Republicans, and most of the media for twenty years.”

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