NPR’s Hinojosa: Obama Should Invite GOP to Immigrant Detention Centers, Close One Down

While speaking on MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” on Saturday, Maria Hinojosa, the anchor and executive producer of NPR’s “Latino USA”  noted how “historic” it would be if President Obama, or Michelle Obama, would invite some Republican colleagues to immigration detention centers.

“I’m just wondering if the president would consider doing something as equally historic, in terms of visiting a federal prison. Would he invite some of his Republican colleagues to go for the first time, into an immigrant detention center? And be the first president — actually, you know who I really wanted to see there, was actually Michelle Obama because  when you see what’s happening with children and mothers who, again, are not criminals.”

“I this is really a question of human rights in our country, in the context of the world,” she later added. “But, it would be even better if he was able to walk in with his Republican colleagues and say, ‘This is a priority for us as a nation to understand this.’ And, my God, if then he said, ‘And we’re going to close one down’ on his bucket list, which I didn’t hear that it was.”

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