Watch: Former NFL CB Champ Bailey Defends Tom Brady

As the sports world is eagerly awaiting the NFL’s decision on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension appeal, future NFL Hall of Fame defensiveback Champ Bailey offered up his thoughts on Fox Sports Live Thursday on what the NFL should do with Brady’s situation.

Currently, Brady is set to serve a four-game suspension, which Bailey called “harsh” because of a lack of “concrete evidence,” but he also said that he thinks Brady’s suspension should be dropped because the NFL will want their best quarterback on the field.

“Four games is a little harsh for something you think he did. If they had concrete evidence that he did something like this, maybe you suspend him. Going forward, I don’t see any situation where Tom Brady should’ve been suspended for something that someone else said. I just don’t get it.”

“I think he drops the suspension and I think the NFLPA might have something to do with this because it seems like they’re trying to nudge the NFL into the direction of just fining him instead of suspending him,” explained Bailey. “Who wants to see the first game and the best quarterback in the league is not on the field?”

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