Brit Hume: Hillary Has Proven Herself to be a Liar Many Times

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday” senior political contributor Brit Hume said that since investigators have now found classified information was on four of the 40 email samples they looked at from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private account, she has “proven herself to be” “a liar.”

Hume said, “I was stunned by the polls. I didn’t believe that she had fallen that far in the eyes of voters in states where she would normally be expected to get a decent reception. So I think it’s striking and I think this whole e-mail controversy feeds that. And the news that she has inspectors general looking at what 40 of her emails — 40 out of thousands, and found four instances in which there was classified material, that they said was classified at the time the e-mails were written and sent. That to me says — that goes to the question of whether she is as I think she’s proven herself to be many times a liar. She said there’s no classified information in the e-mails and on a small sample they found 10% of the classified information. If the Justice Department will ever do anything about it is highly dubious. But it feeds the public perception for her.”

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